Castro de Santa Trega
(A Guarda)

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The settlement

In A Guarda, the 'castro' of Trega is located on a knoll from which the mouth of the river Miño and Rosal valley can be seen. Try our interactive graphic that invites us to discover the secrets of this settlement.

Trega, An Iron Age collective monument

By Alejandro Bassets

Mount Trega is the great collective monument of the Iron Age in Galicia. It is also the most visited touristic place after Santiago Cathedral and the largest castro (a celtic fortification) in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It is located in A Guarda town on a knoll from which the mouth of the river and Rosal valley can be seen. its location is also a spectacle.

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"By number of Iron Age settlements we are a global phenomenon"

By Eduardo Rolland

Rafael Rodríguez (archaeologist): "We want to turn castros (celtic hill-forts) in a great tourist attraction"

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The guide

The Trega 'castro' is located in A Guarda, in Pontevedra province, in the south of Galicia. Its location in a mountain is also a spectacle.

Road distances: Ourense : 132 Km | Pontevedra : 75 Km | Vigo : 52 Km | A Coruña : 196 Km | Ferrol : 228 Km | Santiago de Compostela : 134 Km | Lugo : 227 Km |

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